BBL – BRAZIL BY LOCALS ©  was created by jewelry designer  Alberto Sabino  to be the best choice  for private travelers and organizations coming to Rio and, soon, to other cities in Brazil.

BRAZIL BY LOCALS offers the most exclusive tailor-made tours to high-end  travelers, who can identify and appreciate upscale service  from beginning to end.

We also have standard tours with competitive prices, with the same quality of our custom programmed travels.

If you want a real experience in Rio de Janeiro, not just a trip, try our exclusive services.

Travel plans for sophisticated travelers.  We design the precise journey you have dreamed for a trip.  Alone, with your family and friends, or a special someone.

These Tailor-Made Journey itineraries  are created by our locals,  specialized in handcrafting private and corporate travels. They are pleased to understand your  personal needs  and unique style.

Whether it is a first-time tour to Rio, a relaxing escape to a private island,  or an extreme adventure, each Tailor-Made Journey is individually crafted to match your personal specifications.

A personalized itinerary will be tailored. All your arrangements and accommodations  including your local tours end events.  Our local will then follow up with a proposal,  so you may have an estimated cost for your trip.  After your approval we’ll move on to the planning stage.  Locals will do their best and take the necessary time to create your tailor-made journey.  This will require a non-refundable planning fee that will be credited to you toward the final payment for your trip.  And after receiving your first itinerary-planning fee, a draft itinerary will be prepared to discuss with you,  every detail, as well as give you a total estimated cost.

The planning fee cost runs from US$250 to US$500 and after your payment our locals will start to plan your complete itinerary and total price.  This work will be your tailor-made itinerary and a final price will be given. Your planning fee will be discounted from your total price when confirmed and booked.

So, tell us the destinations you want, departure dates, lenght of trip, number of travelers, activities and tours you are interested in, the amount you intend to spend and special things you would like to include or avoid.

Check out our Blog, where you may find some ideas for your travel and know some important tips about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

We have a partnership with Plantel Turismoleading agency for tourism, with an experience of over 30 years.
Offices in Ipanema and Downtown and a staff of 42 persons with high technical quality.
Plantel is a 
Virtuoso Agency, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Ritz Carlton STARS,
Orient Express Club Bellini and Bristol Preferred Agency.


+55 21 7929 3391 – Alberto Sabino

Rua Paul Redfern, 43
Ipanema.  Rio de Janeiro
+55 21 3206 9800

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